Farm C

The tool to farm for the climate

The ABC4Soil project and the Ithaka Institute present the new FarmC tool. Farmers, consultants, or public organizations can use the tool to calculate:

  • the biomass potential for the production of biochar and biochar-based fertilizers
  • the carbon sink potential of farms
  • the soil organic carbon balance combining CO2-satellite data and field carbon fluxes.

The FarmC tool was developed within the ABC4Soil project funded by FACCE SURPLUS. The Ithaka Institute is focused on improving and completing the tool, which will be continuously updated. We aspire to make FarmC the new standard for farm-based C-sink certification. 

Farmers are invited to try the calculation tool and send us their feedback. To start using the tool. please register your farm or any kind of model farm. Following a short verification, you will receive access to the online tool.

The biochar database provides analytical data of biochars that were produced under systematically varying pyrolysis conditions and different technologies. The database will also be updated regularly. Try it out under the link above!

The biochar database is used to deliver the parameters for the FarmC tool.